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Default I lied my face off

There was this girl, I liked her, she liked me. But there was another guy, a friend of mine, he also liked her and she also liked him. Both us guys knew the other one liked her.
We went into town last sunday, I noticed them cuddling and holding hands at first, so I thought, fine ok it would be nice if you told me...
Then just as we are waiting for the bus back, they start getting off right infront of me.
That fucking hurt, they ignored my feelings, That was harsh.
Then they notice i'm looking a bit down over the next day or two and I get alot of "awww whats up?" "are you ok?" I lied my fucking face off and said that I was. I'm not fucking ok. Do you not realise what you did?
I got the title from the song by alkaline trio. I'm listening to that alot. I can't tell them "No I'm not OK" Because I don't need the attention. I'll just fuck off. I know who my real friends are, fuck them two.

"I lied my face off when i said that i would be okay. It's never fine when you go away."
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