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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
well when 2 people decide to have a kid, theyre signing up for the hardest job of all time

but then again they cant just cop out on it. their job is to make their children hapyp and successful NO MATTER WHAT, even at the expense of their wellbeing and happiness. theyre supposed to be willing to die in order to preserve your life
I do not agree with that at all. Its a parents JOB to ready you for reality. And then slowly introduce you the the real world. The older you get, the more and more responsibilites you are supposed to accompllish, and then at 17 ro 18 its time for you to move out yourself. Love is a major factor, but your parents have thier lives as well, And Even though my mother has sacrificed much for me, I do not expect her to give up her future so I can happy. NO. Its my job to get myself into college. I will get the scholership, I will get the car myself. I'm not expecting her to do more then she allready is. Mommy and Daddy won't allways be their to bail you out.

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