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Originally Posted by lll Trauma lll View Post
I haven't, because I don't know how.
Well if you look at some of the posts in this thread people will tell you how to shave.

Here is what I posted a while back.

1) It is important to trim your pubes real short. You can do this with scissors or clippers clippers work better for me. My suggestion is to trim really short first so you can decide if you really want to shave. If you trim, it won't itch while growing back.

2) Take a warm bath and shower. Apply shaving cream on the pubes and shave them off. Don't go over an area more than once. If you need to shave the area again reapply more shaving cream. This will keep the irritation down.

3) Rinse again with warm water. Check to see if you have any areas that need to be shaved again. If you do reapply shaving cream. It is important to not go over an area lots of time or it will cause an irritation.

4) Once you are done, I always use a towel and dab the area dry. After the area is dry I always apply rubbing alcohol to the area. It will stink at first but it will soothe in a couple of minutes. I do this every time I shower for the next few days and I don't have that much trouble with itching like everyone else complains about.

Well good luck I hope these tips work for you.
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