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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by redsoxboy View Post
thanks. I don't know if I am even getting to orgasm. I just can't make it happen. Do I need to masturbate longer? Any ideas? Thanks!
There is a chance you might need to masturbate longer, but just make sure that you are aroused when you masturbate and that you are thinking of things you find attractive. Your mental state no doubt has a major impact on the quality of when you masturbate. As the others have mentioned, you should visit for specific techniques as we are not allowed to go into detail on this website about masturbation.

Originally Posted by astrosfan21 View Post
do you get viruses from the site?
If you are refering to, then it is a very safe website, and there is not dangers of viruses from it. However, I cannot speak for the affiliated websites that may advertise on jackinworld, and you should only stay on the actual jackinworld website if you have doubts on the links ith as.
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