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Originally Posted by Jail Bird
That it does nick, then WHY do nearly all scientists and English professors, writers, or any philosophers STILL continuie to vote democratic?
Maybe because they want to? Duh!
O, and site where you got that please.
Because they are intelligent enough to look at statistics and find a deeper meaning to this world!
What the fuck does the world have have to do with the president?
It takes intelligence to do all these jobs!
It takes inteligance to do all jobs
did you know that most GOVERNMENT workers are democrats? *shock* And they even work for the government.
Good for them. Is that suppost to tell me something?
Nick you live a selfish, spoiled, sheltered life, you have never experienced true pain.
Ouch, that hurts
If you did you would feel something. But you are an empty, disgusting, heartless bastard that enjoys watching bush destroy all of america!
Ouch again.
Again, he is not "Destorying" America as you say he is. If he is so bad, then why was he relected?
I dont need any more proof to back up my facts.
So far, i havent seen any
The horror of bush probably lives in your backyard!
um... ok
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