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Originally Posted by Jail Bird
Bush is a grandma's cunt! He has taken the most vacation time of any president and he has made our economy turn to shit. I just cant wait to laugh at gas prices!! Dick cheney IS the leading force behind bush, time magazine called him the most powerful vice president ever. So I guess I shouldnt say its all Bush's fault...hahaha who am I kidding he cant make any decisions for himself and dick might leave during mid term(thats what i heard) And its funny because bush still trusts dick to make good decisions. Bush is soo incredibly blind! good lord I just cant possibly see the stupidness that people must have to love him.
you are so incredibly blind because you dont know what the hell you're talking about. and i would bet money on that. half the people on this website that criticize bush dont have any basis or have any knowledge about how bush is really running this country. god i cant stand ignorant assholes.

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