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The crow sat on the window seal of the girl's bedroom.
She stared in curiosity. Wondering if she could take a ride of the back of it's black wings. She would fly with the crow and fly away to another distant place. She turned her attention to soemthing else. She couldnt help but notice the bare wooden floors with only a jagged rug covering it in the corner of her room. A sleek whisper of a wind passed through the window. She immediatly stared in shock and agony of what horror she had seen. The same black crow transfromed into a revolting witch. The witch bekoned her to come over to wear she floated. A strong magnetic
force yanked the little girl across the room and in front of the witch.
The witch plobbed her on the back of her broom and they dazzled through the black swirls of the night sky. The girl was surprised to find floating emotions, Sad, happy, angry, despair, lost, fruity, delicate, and rash. She leaped of the broom and clutched to happy. Happy's eyes bulged out of his face. They looked like they were squirming every which way, so estatic to have the little girl as a guest. With a yank of emotion, they jolted away into the chalky stars of night.
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