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So essentially you are a hypocrit or are you just arbitary?

As you basically brand all religion & religious people and take on a zealous cause to free humanity from these horrible shackles and so on.

While ignoring the fact that you guys do just the same, and where I live you do it far more vocally and in the internet your the guys who try to break into the religious online communities and start a fight for the good of ridding humanity of this foul ''lie''

Instead of focusing all of your energy into dealing with your own personal dilemmas, grudges & finding justificiations for them, accept people for who they are even if they are discriminating bastards

The only thing your posts and your magical fairy examples will achieve most likely is fueling some extremeists anger against all atheists

You don't achieve anything fighting windmills you never achieve anything trying to force something upon somebody even if your stronger simply because both cause hate towards the opressor, and in here you are the opressor

So in general the people who aren't extremeists should accept everyone else for who they are unless they become the extremeists themselves

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