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Originally Posted by Shiver View Post
Do you see any of us coming on here telling you guys to convert to christianity before you burn in hell for the rest of your life? No but we constantly see you guys calling our religion a superstition, outdated, or fake. I respect that your Atheist and I'm not going to come and try and tell you that your living a lie so why don't you respect my religion and stop mocking it.
damn right. i could care less about what religion you are (unless your branch davidian, they're downright nuts, or at least their leader was) but don't be talking down us about how what we believe in. i'd rather like to think there is a place after death then just know that i'd just be in a dark coffin for the next 10 trillion years.

this sounds like a soap opera there now. and coming up soon on Days of our lives..

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