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Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
Oh goodie!! I'm wrong! Now my whole life has been a lie and I now have no reason to go on in life. GREAT!

Religion gives me something to live on for. If I didn't have religion, I would be dead by now.
If you really were living a lie; would you be more concerned with just being blissful and unaware or would you rather know the truth? I mean its a personal choice but I've always been one for wanting to know the truth. Remember, I was a christian for what... 12 years? When I realized that it was a "lie" I didn't feel like life had no meaning afterwards! Just because this dogma you've been taught is removed doesn't mean you don't have a reason to live; it just lets you know finally that the RELIGION no longer has control over how you live or your actions.

Religion can't be the ONLY thing worth living for... all the atheists would be dead then

Think about all the wonderful things worth living for; love, friendship, family, and simply having the fleeting CHANCE to exist. The thing that makes life so important is the fact that its the ONLY life you'll get, and tis a short one my friends. You should live your lives free of the shackles of religion (my opinion here remember) and focus on making your life good NOW instead of trying to "score points for the afterlife" that likely doesn't even exist.

But if that is honestly the ONLY thing worthwhile to you; then by all means believe in it with all you got.

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