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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Kudos; exactly right. Having a big group of people backing you up does NOT make you right. The majority of people 500 years ago thought the world was flat, and they read that in the Bible (the bible says the world is flat look it up). That just proves that it is possible for a very big portion of the population to be deluded.

That's the issue with the population argument: it is NOT possible that ALL religious people are correct because they ALL have different individual beliefs on what god actually "is" (remember, no two christians have ever believed in the "same" god since their interpretation of god is different). It IS possible however that ALL of them are just wrong
Oh goodie!! I'm wrong! Now my whole life has been a lie and I now have no reason to go on in life. GREAT!

Religion gives me something to live on for. If I didn't have religion, I would be dead by now.

Oh, and I said the same thing Nick did, before Nick said it, but you probably ignored it, since I'm Christian and he's atheist.
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