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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
That doesn't matter. You never automatically just assume that your stance is true because it hasn't been disproven WHEN your claim is inherently untestable, unverifiable, and unprovable, with no evidence to support it anywhere.

Magic universe-creating fairies created everything. I have no proof that they did, but you can't prove to me they DIDN'T do it because they're magic. See the logical fallacy there? For you to take something as true there needs to be a good REASON for believing in it.

And as far as last night goes (with the monkey kid), evolution is NOTHING like what you described so you'd never get your proof. We didn't come from monkeys, and if you knew ANYTHING about evolution you'd understand that. So untill you actually do your research and find out what it actually IS that you are misrepresenting don't give a laughable argument.
That does matter to people with faith, which you used to have. I don't have a particularly strong faith, but I still have faith. The people I know who do have strong faith normally have their reasons. "God spoke to them" and "God made this happen in my life." I can't say if this happened or not.

Now I have a question, do you accept the string theory? I mean, come on, other dimensions. How can that be possible? You can't see them, so how can there be observable evidence? Yet it is still classified as a scientific theory. Doesn't make sense there there isn't empirical evidence to support it.
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