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Originally Posted by PinkLink101
thanks for your advice but i dont really no what to say to him at my party he already nos i really care about him n like him....but the fish wont bite the bait. i dont wanna be like " i love u go out with me...n i cant really force him to matter what hes just gonna say i dunno who????
No problem at all Cassie .

And Connor was right with what he said about going down that path before....although, surely he could have come up with a nicer and more imaginative way of saying that ...maybe...adding some words in like that "beautiful path" or .....oh carried away there hehe. (someones been watching too many chick flicks hehe )
Anyway, just be careful with that, it didnt work out once so unless youre prepared to put all those reasons it didnt work out behind you, theres a good chance that it will fall at the same hurdles...
You say that youre really good friends with him now? Maybe youre friendship is better than an actual relationship could ever be? But only you will know that so its your call.

I have a question though, are you considering Connor because you like him? Or because there is a chance he likes you?

I know its easy to think you like someone because you know they like you, but its often the confidence and the feelings that you get from knowing that someone admires you, as opposed to actually liking them as a person. Im not saying that this is what it is in your case, im just saying it often happens and it is very easy to fall into it, you just have to think hard about your own feelings.

And as for Chris...its difficult with these kind of things over forums because we only know as much as you tell us regards to him being a player. From what you have told us, it seems that he is playing you. Even if it is on a smaller scale. But there could be alot of reasons for him acting like that, maybe he doesnt even realise himself.
And im glad you decided what you are going to do and not talk to him at school. Let him do the chasing for a change

Anyway, youre halloween party, think about who you like best, who do you want a relationship with. And who says you cant spend some time with both of them, no one said flirting is a crime

Goodluck with things sweetie!
And i hope you have a great night!

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