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Originally Posted by Nicholas William
The point is

You said killing is wrong, yet you would do it when the time comes. According to you it is still wrong, then why would you do it?
What i'm trying to say the courts arent always right the CSI's make mistakes
and those mistakes shouldn't be able to cost an innocent man or woman there life.

When you're on say a battle feild during a war and u can see a solider shooting at you with a P-90 so you open fire in return its diffrent
Does that mean you dont feel guilty as hell when u hear him scream

But when its life or death its diffrent

its not the same situation as when you have a list of suspects say 20 and anyone of them could be guilty but that still leaves 19 innocent
What if the labs make a mistake
what if it was you who was wrongfully accused and sentanced to death
would you still agree with it?
even though you've done nothing wrong
what if it was your child?
your sister?

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