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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Freud actually did a big study on how psychologically people tend to view God as a deification of their real fathers (interesting and quite true). And now that I have your answer (what you believe). Tell me this (if you don't mind). Why do you believe it? Why do you believe god created the universe, started evolution, etc. Just wanted to know why that is your personal belief.
To be completely honest, I do not have a good answer to that. To me, everything is unknown. I don't know if my belief is correct or completely wrong, it is simply my belief. I have faith. I don't know if God exists, I don't know if the theory of evolution is right. Everything is unknown, both to you and to me. It really is. I don't care how much evidence you have or me or anyone, there is absolutely NO way of knowing what is the truth and what is not. How do we know if scientists are making up their evidence and it is the same way for religion; we have no way of knowing if anything in the Bible is correct. Everyone could just be making stuff up. Scientists could be making up evidence to support theories, religions could be making up evidence to support the existence of God. Everything we know in life could be a lie. NOBODY can truly know; everything is unknown.
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