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God is an omnipotent being and the creator of the universe. I believe God created life and set off evolution. I believe God is there and can control what we do, although I don't think he chooses to control our lives. My feeling is that he lets us control our own life and is there to help if we ask for it. I also feel that he forgives all your sin, no matter what. I feel he's basically like a father. He gets disappointed when you sin, yet he'll forgive you. That is the way a lot of people's fathers are (not everyone's). That is my view for you. If you call me ignorant for my belief, then that is just extremely rude. Everyone is entitled to their own belief, whether you think it is wrong. I don't think you are wrong in what you believe, nor do I think you are ignorant or anything, so you shouldn't think that way about me either.
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