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Originally Posted by Shiver View Post
The thing is that it's not all of religion thats keeping gay marriage illegal a majority of the people not supporting it are religious but some are just people who can't get it through their head that people should marry who they want. You can't blame religion for all the world's problem because no one is forcing any of them to do it they have a brain and they can use it to figure out whats right and wrong and whats really right in god's eyes and whats only wrong in their own. So don't blame religion blame the person.
Well its not the person that gave them these backwards beliefs. Their RELIGION is what MAKES them have these kinds of opinions. And by the way; teaching a kid about heaven&hell, god ,satan, the ten commandments, the whole thing from BIRTH doesn't give them a CHANCE to figure out if their beliefs are right or wrong because its the only thing they know how to understand.

Plus (little side note) if the Christian god exists then I'm glad to not think what is right in MY eyes is the same for "his". He condones things like slavery and genocide... not my cup of tea.
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