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Name: Cassie
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Yesterday i went to a football game. I spent most of my time with my x boyfriend n his friends. It cool how me n him are still friends after r almost 2 year relationship. Anyways i was talkin to him n his friend but then i walked away for a sec. to say hi to my friend Kerry. When i went back over to my x bf (connor) he said "ive been down that path already but i dunno" to one of him frineds. when connor left n it was just me n his friend i asked him what him n connor were talkin about??? he said that he told connor to go out w/ me or something n then i guess connor said i already been down that path but i i dunno if connor still likes me??

Anyways back to Chris i say him on my way out after the football game. i guess he was sittin w/ his friend danny. When i saw chris i smiled n he looked shocked n then gave me a big smile back......
I think now at school im not gonna talk to him if he likes me he will come up to me n talk to me n stuff....

My halloween party is comin up n i dunno if i should spend my time w/ chris or connor???? its a hard disision.
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