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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Or maybe the people who re-elected him ARE FUCKING MORONS JUST LIKE HE IS. He is bringing this country down, and we do not need him. Whoever would say that he's not a moron is in the same corner as he is. He really needs to resign, he's doing a sucky job. He has the past five years.
haha oh my god, people like you are hilarious. you dont know what the hell youre talking about.
Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Well the hurricane response was TERRIBLE!!!!!! People waited five days, repeat FIVE DAYS for help!!!! Relief workers should have been posted near New Orleans, not hundreds of miles away! The war in Iraq lasting this long is UNNECESSARY! The people of Iraq dont want us there, so let them fall back under the clutches of Saddam. Bush is just wasting American dont see any of HIS family members over there, do what I thought.
first of all, the response was not terrible, and people were not waiting five days. its so funny when ignorant people like you try to criticize bush. secondly, only the goddam rebels want us out of iraq, you fucking retard. almost all of the innocent civilians are greatful for our help. and finally, even if we did pull out, how the hell would saddam take over the country again if HE IS IN PRISON. and you try to call bush a moron...

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