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you know there are topics in morality other than the death penalty. as kinda hoping this would touch on all of them in some way. oh well. Thanks for all tyhe replies guys and gals. oh and my addition...prison is punishment...make it bad. Really bad. then lets enforce a mandatory rehabilitation on them that they have to pay for in some way, that could be pro-rated for the indavidual offender. I am rich and get out of jail, i pay 50k dollars for rehab. you are poor and out of jail you pay 1200 for rehab. And make work a requirement for release. there are plenty of jobs out there that will hire ex cons.

bottum line is that people should fear going to prison...going there should be the worse thing imaginable. Upon release you should NEVER want to go there again. And the easiest way to do that is to not commit crime.

What do i know...i aint no socialogist.
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