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Sunnygurl I don't blaim you
I wouldn't mind a gf

Just having someone there that you can tell everything to
that's there for you always
No secrets
no anger, pain or shame
someone that cares about you
and would do anything they could to help and protect you

someone that means the world to you
that you would do anything to help
anything to protect them

Its not all fun n games
you're taking a big risk and sooner or later you will get hurt
but if you ask me the rewards would be worth the risk
and i'd jump off that cliff in a heartbeat

Weither you're mature enough to handle a relationship is up to you n whoever you go out with
every person is diffrent
every situation is diffrent
nobody but you can judge you because nobody but you knows whats in your heart
If it works out great
If it dosen't oh well

Least you tried...least you know

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