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Hilary Clinton would make a great president, and she should run for the next election. She'd EASILY be elected.

Look at it this way:

This is a proven fact: 51% of America are females, and 49% are males.

Most females would vote for Hilary: most women love Hilary. She'd be a great candidate. A lot of men would vote for Hilary, too. This country really should have a female president, but one that could really lead America-and she'd be PERFECT for the job.

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
Originally Posted by RunAwayMolly
Only 28% of america think this country is going in a good direction... i think that sums it up.
i agree that america is not in good shape right now but all fingers cannot be pointed at bush
No, but 9 out of 10 can. Like Molly said, not many Americans approve of his handling of America. I believe that about sums it up, also

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