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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Originally Posted by Twitcherz
Death penalty is good. I'm for it, we should get it in the UK. If you kill someone you should die.
Yes but see the problem is what if there innocent?
Theres thousands of people in jail right now that didn't do anything
There being cleared over the yrs as cases r reopened and tecnology's improving
I mean it sucks...royally that they were put in jail in the first place
but atleast if you are innocent u dont have to worry about dying

Put yourself in there shoes
Pretend that your an innocent man straped to a bed as they clean your arm to prevent iinfection and then inject you with posion.
Nobody will listen to you
Everybody hates you for a crime you didn't commit
Your being murdered by the goverment because they made a mistake

Besides if you are guilty
Having to live your entire life
Alive in a lil 10x10 cell
Thats worse then death


We live in a diffrent culture now you can't compare ancient japan to modern day
We live in completly diffrent cultures
Completly diffrent times

I don't think were fit to judge them anymore then they'd be fit to judge us
I agree with you completly about the death penalty. Though i take it s step farther and add religion to it.

the japanese example was just an example...which i think proves moral relativity. We can say they were wrong for doing it...though you are right, diff time.

So lets look at a closer example. how about the represion of women in some middle eastern countries. Is that right? is it wrong? Do we as a non member of that culture even have the right to say it is right or wrong? We know it's wrong in our culture...but does that make it wrong in theirs?
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