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what i was trying to ask is something like this. Who is wrong if one culture does something tha is moraly reprehensible o another culure?

For instance. There is a japanese word from the time when the country was still a feudalistic culure that literaly means "cross-road cut". This word described the act of a samurai taking a newfly forged sword and testing it's cutting power by chopping in half the first bystander the warrior saw. If the sword passed clean through it brought honor to the sword maker and it was a good sword. If it didn't go clean through it brought shame to the sword maker. now here is the real kicker. The innocent bystander considered this a very honorable death, and was glad they could help te samurai in such a way.

We today would think that this practice is horrible and barbaric, but to them at the time was considered the norm and there was no problem in doing it or having i done to you. Were the japanese wrong to think that? Would we be wrong to think them evil for doing it?

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