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Originally Posted by Celeritas View Post
The Bible was first created in some way or form a long time ago, in some language that may not be existent today (The oldest copy we have may be in a language we know of, but we have no proof that it is the first copy).
Old Testement was written in Hebrew by Moses and some of the prophets of the day.

New testament was written mostly in Greek. Originally published in Hebrew also mostly by the disciples (in israel)

Originally Posted by Celeritas View Post
For thousands of years, the Bible has been printed and reprinted by hand many, many, many times. It has also been translated through many languages, and as we know, sometimes what makes sense in one language may not make sense in another language.
That is true. There are words in Hebrew that have no specific simple translation to English. But the translation have done the best they could.

Originally Posted by Celeritas View Post
Now, as the Bible has been reprinted many times, and it is such a big book, there are going to be thousands upon thousands of mistakes in it, and variations from the original translation.
Well, they would change it and retranslate it, but recently, most Bible were translated from an actual Hebrew text of the bible and or the Greek text.

Originally Posted by Celeritas View Post
So why would you have faith in a book that is very, very different from the first version. The first version was where God's teachings were written down, (Unless the Bible was made up) so every time someone quotes a passage from the Bible, or preaches from the Bible to someone else, they are in no way preaching God's original teachings.
How are they not preaching God's original teaching. Say I made up a proverb. I told it to my friend who told it to his friend. Is is still my originial proverb? yes.

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