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Default Note To Self...

There is a purpose about why my subject is that.
This whole week was very depressing. First it started out with Dunagan and Richard now it ends with this. Yesterday in Chorus, Courtney, Beth and I were playing with my cell phone. Courtney decided to put on "Note To Self" and I was sitting there almost in tears. Courtney kept asking what was wrong and all I could manage to say was "I miss him."
Now, I miss Richard, yes, and the bad thing is, yesterday after I was crying in Chorus, Richard decided to take me back. It won't last though. And I wasn't crying over Richard. Which kind of makes me feel like a bad person in a way but I was crying over *a person i always used to mention*. Help me. Please. What should I do? I already told him about it and he was like "that's sweet". Help?

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