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As a UK citizen I'll give you my opinion on Bush.

Bush is self-centered. He cares about his values more than the American public's.

Ok, so obviously he does have right to care about his values, but he seems to care very little about what matters to the American people.

To give him some credit Bush has produced a relatively strong economy and after all we all know how powerful America is!

It worries me though, that Bush breaks some important policies. He stated a while ago that he would do more to protect the environment but sadly he has failed to do anything worthwhile.

America is the world's biggest polluter and accounts for around ONE THIRD of the World's pollution.

If all the countries limited harmful emissions then without America's cooperation their efforts are in vain.

Bush, I'm afraid to say, is far too concerned with the economy to do anything about the imminent threat of global warming.

It's fair to say that Bush has shown to the world that the UN (United Nations) is powerless in making decissions. When he went against the UN to go to war that was ILLEGAL and showed to other nations, oh look I can go against them, you can too!!!

The UN is ment to unite countries, but it's totally embarrassing that one of the world's biggest super-powers makes a mockery of them.

Anyway, Bush is leader once again. I would say about 7 out of 10 Brits wanted Kerry to be elected. I myself would have liked America to choose Kerry. But, Kerry wasn't as strong a leader as Bush is. Bush has clear ideas, Kerry seems to be rather confused on how he'll implimant his plans.

Well, it doesn't matter now! Bush is the leader and that's that. But, in order to make America and the World respect him he needs to change his ways for the better during this second term.

He needs to accept that it's wrong to go against the UN for whatever reason. He needs to have a clear plan to reduce harmful emissions. Finally he needs to listen more to the American public. If you remember the anti-war march of around a million people, he didn't really listen that well.

Anyway, that's my rather strange view lol. If I have made a mistake or whatever then please do tell me!!!

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