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ok have to chime in here. is bush an idiot...umm yes and no. Yes in that he is doing a lot of stuff i don't agree with, but he has done a lot of things i can agree with. It all seems to come back to the war. Was it the wrong choice? sure but hindsight is 20/20. i think that with the information he had at the time he made the right call, though it is really sad that we found out later the info was do the families of close to 2 thousand dead american soldiers. I also don't think we are in a depression. i haven't been in a soup line once, and if my dumb ass can get a job then unemployment can't be that high.

I look at it this way...and have looked at it this way since 2000.

In 2000 we had bush and gore. Hmm do i wanna take it in the butt or in the puss...either way i am going to get screwed. on one hand we have the cowboy bush who has no diction, and on the other hand we have democrat Gore who invented the net. i chose the cowboy.

jump ahead to 2004. Bush who seemed to handle himselve well in the midst of the worse disaster the US has ever really faced, or Kerry who obviously ran a platform based on what the voters wanted to hear and not what was actualy needed for the country. again in the ass or puss?

My personal belief is that the 2004 elections was a set up for the '08 game. The democrats pushed this lifeless backtalker so as to encourage votes Bushward. They knew that if kerry won, that could possibly mean 8 bloody years of drudgery before their canidate of choice could be put into office. They knew that kerry couldn't beat bush, but they also knew that bush was a dolt, and after a nother 4 years no one would want another republican term. This means a shoe in for a democrat candidate! And we all know who they have been grooming for the presidency since early 2001.

That's right. one Mrs Hillary Clinton. Since the closing if his first term this lady has been setting herself up, and image herself as a moderate for like 3 years now. She and the democrats know that if she can make people think she is in the center she can get most of the democrat votes, and a LARGE number of dissgruntled Republican votes.

Of course this is all conjecture but it is looking more and more true. Just watch i bet hillary if the frontrunner right from the get go. So if i am right one could almost blame the left for the crap we are in, by rigging the elections against their man..but that is really right wing conspirocy isn't it?

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