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Just like to point sometihng out and not cause strife and anger...but you do realize that when we dropped the bombs on japan, there were no civilians. The entire population of the Main island of Japan had standing emperial orders to fight to the death, and the Japanese had the sense of honor enough to follow through with it. That includes men women and yes even children.

An invasion of japan was the only way to end the war in the pacific and that would have cost tens even hundreds of thousands of amarican lives. When it comes down to them or us...them always gets the shaft. or the bomb in this case. At that time i am all for the use of the bomb. NOW? Not a chance now that every shit box country has nulear capabilites. i am a firm believer in MAD.

OK back to the topic at hand. i would also like to point out that about half of the airforce if composed of american designed and manufactured a/c. these include (canadian designations) the CP-140, CC-144, CT-155, CT-156 CC-130, CF-18 and maybe the CC-138 (though i am NOT entirely sure who makes the twin otter. It may be british).

Fun story about the CT-156. This plane is actually a raytheon T-6 Texan II, which is a remake of a very famed training aircraft from the '40s. Damn pretty airplane, though since it comes from Raytheon it also comes with an enormous price tag. i know the US air force picked up a few, but they still mainly use the T-37, and the navy didn't even bother. Just stuck with the old T-34Cs. I would love to fly one of the new texans though. beautiful a/c. Well crap sorry for the babbling. i kinda like airplanes a little.

By the way if anyone has any questions about flying, or how to get started give me a shout. (shameles plug follows) I am a commercial pilot and Certified fligt instructor.

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