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I would, but I'm already way past my original starting price.

I just gotta look around for another psu. I think right now with the stuff I'll have running in it for now it will be fine with the 420, if I can't find a good one soon enough. But, it's pushing it. I found this PSU Wattage Calculator, and it says I'd need anywhere between around 380-90 to 549 watts depending on my config, 390 being with one video card, and with the components I bought today, and a few other hdds. The higher being with two cards, 4-5 HDDs, and a few other things going.

Hey, do you know Newegg's policy on Refurbished products?

Because I found this just now:

And, it looks good, but it says no accessories are included with refurbished products. It looks like it needs a power connector for the card from the PSU, but I don't know if that's included in the Accessories.

- Bill
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