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Originally Posted by ReNt-2-PwN
get the OCZ Platinum series RAM for one thing and the 1.1kw PSU from PC Power and Cooling
Ha. I'll look at the ram, but there's no way I'm getting that PSU

WAAAAAAAAAAY Too expensive.

I can't even view my account settings or change anything in my order right now anyway, because for some reason Newegg is doing some "routine maintanance."

EDIT: Okay, both are too expensive for me.

I don't even know if I want to add the 500 Watt PSU right now. I mean, that's another 70$. The 420 would probably be fine for right now.

But, I'll probably go with the 500 anyway. ...Just as soon as their site starts working right again, and anyway I have to wait until my dad's up tomorrow morning to change anything, because it's under his account, and I don't have his credit card number. I know his Username/Password, which I'm not sure if he knows I know, but....

He'll probably get cranky because even though I have the money and do pay him back all the money that it's putting on his card, he gets annoyed with it. I think I need a debit card.

- Bill
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