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Originally Posted by ReNt-2-PwN theres that mean sucker

and for going all out... ya ok i see value RAM, should have got the platinum series but oh well and that PSU the comes with the case isnt exactly what i had in mind either...
Uh, WTF? Okay, good thing you brought that PSU thing up. I'm not sure what happened, because I added an Antec 500 Watt to my cart. Somehow, It must have gotten removed.

Jeeze, Now I have to add that. There goes another 70$. I know I added that.

This one:

And, for the RAM, what's wrong with that RAM? I got the better of the two "value" rams that I posted earlier. I thought you recommended it anyway.

I don't see any bad reviews for that ram either. Which ram is good then? I can always cancel that ram order and get a different one.

And, by going all out, I meant getting everything all new components for everything.

- Bill
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