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gender? male
how old are you? 14
how tall are you? 5ft7in

how old where you when you first masturbated? 11
where did you find out about masturbation? just sorta did it, found out later what i was doin
how much time do you devote yourself to it a week? quite a bit, 1-2 times a day up to an hour each time if i have time
do you use pornography? yeah
have you ever been caught? i think so
-by who? my mum
--what did they do? nothin, thats why im not sure if she saw
---after they left, did you continue? yeah a few mins later lol, had to get my boner back though
where is the strangest place youve done it in? school toilet

have you ever had sex of any kind? no
have you ever though of a friend sexualy? not any guys, a couple of girls yeah
would you let a male friend suck you? maybe
-and finish it? maybe
--would you do the same to him? maybe
would you let a female friend suck you? fk yeah
-and finish it? yeah
--would you do the same to her? hell yeah

have you ever been attracted to the same sex? dont think so
have you ever masturbated to the same sex? no, unless you count a guy fkn a chick in a porno
if you dont, would you? doubt it

have you ever gotten touchy with friends? no, unless you count one of my friends goin around randomly spankin everyone lol
-was it good? or did it ruin your friendship? oh yeah lol
--would you do it again? she does all the time...
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