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Ya but i cant forget about him...n hes not as bad as u guys make him sound.

I Live in Fear of Life: Lynne is totally right, he is playing you.
My only question to you is this: why would you want to go out with someone who is playing you? I would just totally forget the loser, he isn't worth your time.

like i said hes not as much of a player as u think he has a reallly good personality hes funny, cute ,and athletic. n wen hes not at school w/ me hes so diffrent.

Lynne: ...

thanks for your advice but i dont really no what to say to him at my party he already nos i really care about him n like him....but the fish wont bite the bait. i dont wanna be like " i love u go out with me...n i cant really force him to matter what hes just gonna say i dunno who????

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