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Originally Posted by slavetosociety
Originally Posted by Punk'd
they open your eyes alright, but they screw your mind and they can ruin your life!
I agree.

Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
its so fun to watch people try and justify doing things they know are bad
Im not sure if this was directed towards what i said or not, but either way i just wanna say that i wasnt trying to justify my actions by saying people learn from their mistakes. I was just stating a fact .

If i had been trying to justify the things that i have done, i would have probably said that i wanted to experience the effects so i understood why other ppl did them or...i dunno, some BS like that ...

But i didnt, i refered to them as mistakes and just because i dont regret them, doesnt mean i dont think they are mistakes, or that they arent as big mistakes than if i did regret them.
I just choose not to regret them because its in the past and there is nothing i can do about it now except learn from them...

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