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Originally Posted by ReNt-2-PwN
If your running a power supply under a load like what you will be doing especialy with a AthlonX2 in there i wouldnt trust a cheaper power supply much. I had a cheaper power supply like that in my computer im using now and over a period of about 1.5 yrs it has weak 12v and 5v rails so i just recently got a new one. Just remember, the powesrupply is the most important part of your computer, power supply gives bad voltage from being cheap, you pay for it with a bad motherboard or processor. Thats why i say get a good one thats not cheap and thats a good brand name.
Exactly. A cheapo $60 won't cut it.

Antec and OCZ are both good in this area. However, if you want the best, and futureproofing, an SLI ready 510w/800w PC Power and Cooling are the two best on the market...they're $200 and $400 respectively...but they're good...
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