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Default An open ear....

*blushes just posting this*

I am having family troubles and other problems at the moment with the financial situation at home.

Even though I haven't posted much in the past month, I have visited vt frequently to get a better idea of the people here.

I have read stories that are worse than mine, and this may be considered spam, but I couldn't put it in the "Introductions" forum, and though this may be offensive to the Moderator of "My Place," I don't know how much traffic it would get there. (This isn't to be offensive...)

And I don't consider this "spammy" enough to put in the Spammer's Forum.

If you need to talk, PM me. I know that I'm a "newbie," but I realized that I could be in a worse position, so I decided that I need to stop moping and help others. If you don't want to PM me, that is okay, but I will be open to talking to anyone.

To give a little more detail, my family is always at each others' throats, we're broke as hell, and the neighborhood is dangerous. But I do have people who care. And a lot of people here, from what I have read, do not have that caring support. I want to help people, even if I spend two or three hours a day here answering PM's (though I doubt that will happen.)

If someone can suggest a better place for this thread to where people could see it, I wouldn't mind it being moved, but I want to know that I'm willing to push my petty bullshit (not being sarcastic) to the side, b/c I know that I could be worse off. I hope to be a certified counselor one day, maybe to join the PeaceCorps and go to third-world countries to help others there. For this moment, I want to help vt, because as suck-uppish as this sounds, vt is a great place, and I want to be a contributing member. In other groups I've been in before, I've been a waste a time, but I want to contibute to something and to help other people.

If you suggest that this post is a waste of time, let me know. I'm not afraid of critcism-it has only made me better in the past.

I'm mainly making this announcement for this to be open to anyone who reads it, especially if you are new (but not limited to new members) and you're not ready to talk about it in "public." Yes, this may sound as if I'm putting myself above others, but I'm not. I know that vt has counselors and moderators, but I'm sure they have their hands full.

Sorry if this has been a disturbance, but I hope that I'm not annoying anyone, because if I'm annoying someone, that's not really helping them, is it?

P.S. I also am doing this not only b/c I like to help people, but b/c a lot of really frequent members either moderate their own forums or have their own diaries.

I hope this is a help and not a hurt!

*smiles with good intentions*

PM me if you need to talk.....I am always listening.
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