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Well, I have read through this. I don't like to particularily quote anyone, because I don't like to put anyone on the spot like a criminal, but homosexuality has always been prevailent in history. Some people interpret the Sodom and Gomorrah destructions in the Bible as gang rape, some people interpret the destruction to be caused by homosexuals living in the towns. But if God knows what you are going to do every moment for the rest of your life, then why did he pick Lot's family to survive, because apparently God didn't see this coming: After the destructions and the plight of Lot's family, Lot slept with his two daughters; sick but true. So, why would God spare someone if he knew that he would break one of His laws? This instance leads me to question God's existance.

If God didn't approve of homosexuals, then why didn't He make this clear in the Bible? Then that leads to the topic of America's Christian-based founding, which, if it bases it's homosexuality views upon the Bible and that instance, really has no case at all, therefore, homosexuality and gay marriage shouldn't be banned.

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