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Default How to quit.......

.........I didn't cut, but I did hurt myself. I liked to make myself bleed in other ways than cutting. But, to quit, first, you have to have the resolve. You have to want to try. Hence, the saying "I can't help you unless you wanna help yourself." Yes, that applies here. Unless you truly want to quit, you won't have the resolve, and the attempt will fail quickly. Everytime you have the urge, you have to think of self-control. Think "will cutting really get me anywhere?" You can have a moment where you are holding that razor, that knife. But look at it. Look at the scars. Is that what you want to do to yourself. You cut because you are depressed. But don't the scars depress you, knowing that you cut because you didn't know what else to do.

This isn't ways to avoid cutting or things to do instead of it, this is supposed to help people cut the habit.

I know quitting is not as easy as it sounds. Though I didn't cut, I did self-injure. Like I am saying in the next sentence........
PM me if you want to talk in depth. I am always listening.......

PM me if you need to talk.....I am always listening.
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