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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by fireice99 View Post
Well, i've been researching on masturbation, and they all say its okay. I love to masturbate, but when i finishing cumming i feel very guilty. im a Christian, and i feel masturbation is sin= lust. Is it really? Do christian teens like me masturbate. I tried to stop myself, but i cant. help???

Well to put it simply yes j/o is a sinand yet again lust, fireice99 you'v probobly learned in church that no one men can be pure in the eyes of the lord right? (pure= low or no sin) so YOUR STILL A TEEN not a man yet but a medium sized hormone induced teen, and if ya think about it closely, joseph and mary made jesus BY LUST!!! lust = sin, sin = masturbation, masturbation+ penis =

Close your eyes, Pray for plagues..
Cleanse this world, bring our doomsday...

Listen to it love,
tis sweet music to my ears;
The cries of the damned.
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