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Originally Posted by slavetosociety
Oh my god. I just thought, if we learn light spead travel, and we go to a planet very VERY far away, we can look at the past of earth. o my god. wow
Inorder to get to a far away planet first we have to find a system with a hospitible one then we have to go there

not as easy as it sounds

light speed travel is waaaaaay to slow

it'll still be tens if not hundreds of thousands of years away

So either we don't go, we figure out how to go faster, we have a HUGE generational ship or the people take a very deep, very long, very vonerable sleep by the time they come back all of earth could have changed and everyone they new would have been dead for thousands off yrs


Time is a word
Humans invented the word to describe why things age
how long it takes to get from point A to point B
To help them predict when the sun will come up and set
To predict the seasons

So "time" is not man made
the word is

And your not looking back in time
your looking at the light thats been traveling for a few thousand years
Thats why astronomers always say they can look back into the history of our galaxy and the universe, because there not seeing the planet, the sun, nebula etc... as it is right now there looking at the light that left its departure point thousands sum even millions or years ago.

Just like if something ever happens to our sun
it'll take roughly 8min for us to realise


They also have studys going on right now because they think light bends due to gravitational forces in space

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