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my first kiss was nasty. I was at a party the guy i ended up kissings sisters 18th and a few of us went for a walk.. he like started cuddling me :/ i didnt say anything and then when we got back to the party he stopped and next thing i know his tongue was down my throat...then it was like talk of the party coz this girl came in coz she was worried he was single...
second kiss was a guy that used me wasnt single but i couldnt stop it happening i was in love with him really regret it now though :/ said he was thinking of his grilfriend the whole time, told me he loved me
and my third kiss i wish lasted longer : ) it was with a girl she also had a girlfriend :/ i was single and like we tried to stop it happening wed been mucking around and stuff and i was at her house and songs like kiss me and save it for the bedroom were on ironic really well anyway she wanted to wear my scarf so i let her : ) and then she wanted to take it off after a while but she wanted me to so i started taking this scarf off although she was like clinging onto it so when i pulled the scarf she came closer to me we were face to face and i remember jokingly saying hello in a silly accent, silly now haaaaa, but we kissed and like we both stopped at the same time and like she felt really bad :/ so did i. But i was in love with her, it just happened. Then we were about to kiss again and her brother walked in and he was like was i interupting something and we were like no and pretended i was upset and he was like jokingly asking if i was straight and stuff which i dont know the answer to to be honest but we said i was.

Each time i kissed them i closed my eyes like it just happened i didnt like think ive got to close my eyes.. i guess coz two of them happened naturally. rather than me trying to force them

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