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Default Time is man-made

Disclaimer: Ok this may change ur view on EVERYTHING.... like life, death, religion or ne thing by reading this...

Time is man made... Think about it... By looking at the sun you are looking back in time. By looking at the stars you are traveling through time and seeing thousands of years into the past. Such as... if you were on a planet or star millions of light years away and were to somehow look at the earth through a high powered telescope... ud see dinosaurs... and lets just say ur on a planet 1-thousand light years away... and look at the earth... ud be looking at the earth at the year 1005... Although... its not... Is time on earth just the movement on life? If so, isnt that what it is in space too? As stated above? And what happens if we travel faster than the speed of light? What will happen? Time is fake... there is no such thing...
There is something out there moving us from one moment to another... but we have it all wrong... we thought the earth was flat 500 years ago.... imagine what we can learn tommorow....

The Years Have Been Short, But The Days Go Slowly By.
~The Shins
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