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OK, ive never dated a girl before, but there is this one girl that I really like, Ive known her for maybe 5 years, and I have been trying to get to know her better over the last couple months. And up till now, shes always said (around me) that she wasnt ready to start dating guys yet, so I figured shed be open for a while.

But then today I had to take 3rd lunch instead of first, which is the one i usually eat, and she has third lunch.

I went over to sit at her table and when i sat down i saw that she was holding hands with one of my friends. As i sat there they talked to each other, and she totally ignored me. It was very obvious that they were going out.

It turns out that they have been going out for about a week.

Both of them are good friends of mine, but I still feel incredibly crushed. The person she is going out with I get along with very well, but right now I feel so angry toward him. Im really confused right now, what should I do?
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