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Originally Posted by Gothic_Knight
Well, if you're going for value parts, then yea, that'd work...however, I reccomend some things that are a little more stable for your PSU...such as Antec, OCZ, and PC P&C, if you wanna future proof...
Value parts? You mean the X2 3800? Uh, no. Other then that, the Motherboard, yes, I realize is a "value" board. But, then again, it has basically EVERYTHING a highend board has, except firewire, and I could easily buy a card for really cheap if I wanted that. And, It scores within 1 percent on average of many higher end boards. Sometimes beats them. Depends.

I'm going to look around in a minute, though, at POSSIBLY a different motherboard. I mean, I like that one, but IF I decide to buy a PCI Express card, I might as well get a better motherboard. The main thing is, I like my TV Tuner I have right now. If I go PCIe only, I'd lose the ability to use it in my main computer. I'd have to buy a seperate PCI card, since the AIW PCIe are EXTREMELY Expensive. Err, at least the better cards. I'd like to go with at least an X700 or if not that, at least an NVidia Equivalent. I don't know which card is equivalent yet, Though. Gotta look that up.

Originally Posted by Gothic_Knight
I guess you want Value Ram then, right? Then it really doesn't matter...
I never said that. I want something that works really good, but isn't 50 billion dollars. I don't want some Cheap quality RAM that's going to give me problems.

Originally Posted by Gothic_Knight
NOTHING is future-proofed for M2. NOTHING. If you're going to upgrade to M2 (which is only going to be released on high X2s and FX), you'll need to shell out for a brand new processor, and DDR2, which to me, makes upgrading right now seems senseless.
I never said it was future-proofed. I just stated the fact that it has that expansion slot. Anyway, I could care less about that slot. I don't have any plans of upgrading anytime soon after this one.

I might be willing to go higher, but I don't want to go to 1000, or at least not past it. I'm going to see if I can get my job back, since it was a paid internship at a local school district, and I only quit because I didn't know how my college hours would go. I'm sure I could get back in, at least 3 days a week. So, I might be able to spend a little more money.

Okay. If you don't like my selection of componets, why don't you layout a selection you deem worthy. Again, don't make it really expensive. You can get plenty of hardware that is just as good as the higher priced brands for cheaper many times.

- Bill
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