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Quote: want it within $700?...

I can help ya out with $1000 with that start...but there's no way you're gonna get enough money if you're a gamer...I suggest going down to a 3000+ Venice and OCing the hell out of it...but that's just me...

PC Power and Cooling makes damn good PSUs, but they're expensive...I'll recommend Antec...

And for the much? 512? 1 gig? 2?
Well... Yes. It's not that hard to get within 700$ or so. I mean, things I have added right there are a little over 400$, so If I added, say 1gb of ram for 85$, and a PSU for like 35$ or so, that's 539.99$, and IF I add a video card, that's around 120-140$ depending on which card I get (Might not even get a card right now) and that's for a grand total of 659.99-679.99$

Less then 700$. I don't intend on getting anything other then those components. I have HDDs, and a Case. So, I'm fine with that. Also have a Monitor, keyboard, speakers, mouse, etc.

Nah, I couldn't live with getting a 3000+. My laptop is a 3400+, so... Yeah. Anyway, the X2 is Dual Core, so it's a lot better, and I've seen nothing but positive reviews on it. And, I've seen many people say they've successfully overclocked it to the equivalent of a 4400-4800+.

As for Ram, Sorry, I forgot to specify that. 1.0GB is what I'm going for. Preferably one stick of RAM, but seeing that there are 4 slots, and 2x512 is usually cheaper, I'll probably stick with that.

The reason I went with that board is the combination of price, both agpand pci express, and preformance. It holds up just as well as a lot of the higher priced and more recognized boards.

I'm not a big gamer. I rarely use my computers for gaming. I do rarely, and I intend to get CS Source sometime soon, and I have BF2 Demo, but those will run fine on that config. My main use is internet and having 50 billion processes opened. I'm going for something that can easily be upgraded later, or used for anything I throw at it. It even has a slot for an add-in card for a new AMD CPU and I believe a new type of ram that's supposed to come out in mid 2006. So, it should be good for a while.

With that config, I don't see how I'd have to go even close to 1000$.

- Bill
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