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Originally Posted by Ardiys View Post
I'm uncut.

Will my penis head be desensitized any time soon?
'Cause I'm gay, and you can imagine the types of videos I've watched, considering the fact that I'm a teenager, and in some of these videos, men can actually rub their own penis heads and they treat it perfectly normal, whereas I can hardly do this at all..
Something wrong with me?
I don't think so. Most of the time, your penis head will only become less sensitive if its exposed more ie. when a guy gets circumcised later in their life. The penis becomes used to not having the foreskin covering it by "toughening up" the skin there and it becomes less sensitive. If your penis head was as sensitive when you're uncut as you're cut, you would be going crazy over the feeling it would be giving you all the time lol.
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