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I live in a city/town, and there are ranches in Texas. We have a lot of horse farms here in Kentucky, and a derby, and in one part of the state, the way the sun shines on the grass, it appears to be blue. Thats how we got the name "The Bluegrass State." There are many beautiful places here, but at the same time, the roads leading to those small towns and beautiful land are dangerous narrow 2-lane road that has steep hills on each side with no guard rails. I was on one of these such roads once, and a wide firetruck came through and almost ran us off the road. Where I live, it's violent. Drug deals, prostitiution, murder, high dropout rates, you name it, this part of Kentucky has it, unfortunately. Some of the farms are like ranches, so I guess thats not really a bad idea of Kentucky. There are lots of available land, and when I turn 18, I'm getting my own house on a large piece of land so that I can have some privacy. But yes, most of Kentucky is nice, but the eastern part is mainly towns with low-income citizens, and the west is coal mines. Kentucky really isn't a rich state, but again, still nice.


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