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Default Building Computer (Recommendations?)

Okay, I'm tired of my old POS PIV 1.8GHz, so I decided I'd build a new computer.

So far, I've determined the CPU I want, and the motherboard:

Motherboard: ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 $69.00

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ $347.00

I chose that motherboard because it supports AGP and PCI Express. So, I could use either or both at once. And, since I have an ATI AIW 9200 right now, It'd be cheaper, and probably smarter to do that then going for a strictly PCI Express motherboard and having to buy a new card, I would think

Just wondering... How does that motherboard look? I know it's on a new chipset that hasn't been out long, and it's an offbrand board, although it's still part of Asus.

Right now, with those two components, it adds up to $419.99 after shipping. However, I am on a budget, not sure how much right now, since I don't have a job at the moment (probably will soon though) and I have 1600$ right now, but I don't want to spend more then 700$ if I can help it.

Assuming I decided to change motherboards and go for a PCI Express based board of better quality, what would you recommend? I think that board is pretty good, especially for the price, but I'll let everyone put in their opinion.

The downside to getting a PCI Express only motherboard would be getting a new Video card. The thing is, I'm thinking about getting one anyway. But, the only problem is, is my current AGP card is an All-in-Wonder, so it has a TV Tuner. I just bought that less then a year ago, and I like using it. So, it'd probably be a waste to have to get rid of it. And, I haven't found any decent AIW PCIx cards for less then like 250-300$. Way too expensive.

So, does the motherboard look well enough to stick with it, and not go for a better quality one?

I'm definiately not getting a lower CPU. That one is the lowest I've seen that X2, and I need a dual core CPU. My computer right now almost dies when I use it. Heck, just a few minutes ago when I was looking up components, I had 43 Firefox tabs open in just one window of firefox. Then, I had 7 other Firefox windows open, with an average of 2-3 tabs each, along with wordpad, MS Word, and several applications open in the system tray. That's all with 512 meg of ram. It managed to do it though.

But, I can't do any extra strenuous multitasking. I'm a very hard user, although my laptop seems to withstand it.

The only other components besides Motherboard and CPU I have to upgrade right now is the RAM, and possibly the power supply (needs to be 20 pin). Any recommendations on RAM and a PSU? My current RAM is RDRAM PC600, and won't fit in hardly any motherboards, and my PSU is an Enlight 300 Watt, which I'm unsure of whether or not that'll power the computer well enough.


- Bill
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