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Default I think i have OCD and im really scared.

Hi. Im thirteen and going through a crazy enough life as it is. I moved last summer and i have to go to a new school. I've been @ this school for a few months and I dont have many friends. But neway, my new problem is, well, what i think, is OCD. Since a year or two ago, I watch a movie, The Ring *shudder* and I've been paranoid of it ever since. I constantly check all the windows and doors in the house. I check every empty space, like an empty drawer, under the bed, in bathtubs, ect. I thought it was all paranoia but now i do even weirder things. I HAVE to pray everynight because im scared god will have Samara (the girl from the movie)kill me for not being involved in my religion. I have to have everything grouped in threes. Like i have to have three picture frams clumped together on my dresser, stuff like that. Nothing can be in the electical outlits, i think b/c im scared it will start a fire, and things that are in the shape of a circle are not allowed in my room. I always think sum1 is behind me. *like rite now* And if something touches one part of me, like the wall hits my left leg, it HAS to hit my rite leg. I always do things in fours. Like ill check something four times. I always look for patterens, and when I step with one foot, i count to two and then I do the same thing whenever i step.! Im such a freak. I hate myself so much. Somethimes I think i mite hurt myself and then i think, no im not phsyco, i could never do something like that. I dont understand whats going on with me. Is this OCD, is it paranoia, is it all in my head like my parents say? I dont know. I hate constantly being scared and stuff. I hate it. Plz help me if u can. I have been going on this site every day. Its my new 'thing' i have to do no matter what. Uhg, i hate this.

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